As part of WJTB Radio our members have the opportunity to host their very own radio show. You can see the shows of the wonderful people that have already submitted their PR packages below!

Check out the schedule to see what’s airing and when.

Our Shows

Radio Nightmares

Hosts: Brian Pitchford
Description: The show is like a radio version of “Tales from the Crypt” or “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”. Using urban legends, creepy pasta, and horror short stories along with background music and foley to give a sense of ambiance and realness.

R&B Radio

Hosts: Reena & Binah
The R&B Radio Show defies definition. It isn’t just a list of songs, it’s a new experience every week. No topic is out of bounds. One week could be indie, electronica, or classic rock with a side of “Stupid Stuff Celebrities Say” or our new segment “Riddle Me This Classic”. Another week could be national holidays and current events with a blend of blues and folk. You never know where the show is going to go. So tune in every week and come along for the ride!   

The Lonely Island Power Hour

Hosts: Kenny and Ian
The Lonely Island Power Hour, hosted by Kenny Eisenhardt and Ian McAllister, will take your earbuds on a magical journey though the world of Punk, Ska, Metal, Pop Punk, and everything in between, along with some of the best banter you’ve ever heard. Listen in on Mondays from 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM and feel free to send in requests. Show us what you got and come get schwifty with us.

Words with Nerds: The Next Generation

Hosts: Alex and Connor
Description: The hosts of last year’s Words With Nerds, considered by critics everywhere to be okay, are back! Check that…. Alex is back. here this year to carry on the legacy of Ryan, Nick, and Matteo is none other than newcomer Connor. Together, Alex and his new co-host will bring on a talk show of epic proportions. Expect nothing short of colossal fun as they waste an hour of your time by commentating on headlines in the news, discussing what’s going on campus, and imitating a wide range of voices. It’s Words with Nerds: The Next Generation!

Habla Mierda Con Jesus

Hosts: Megan and Orion (feat. Dante and Chris)
Description: Do you ever feel the need to vent to a higher power? Join us weekly on Habla Mierda con Jesus for a weekly dosage of reflection. We discuss a range of topics with a rotating panel of guests and callers. Pray with us Thursday nights from 9-10pm

Cooking with Drunk Dan

Hosts: Dan 
Description: Cooking with Drunk Dan is a fantastic 60 minute collection of inspiring music, car talk, and fart jokes. Each week features a new topic from the world of local musicians, backyard car tinkering, DIY electronics, drunk cooking, and much much more. Tune in for a blast of jazz, a heap of alternative Indie, and a big fat pile of Reggae-Rock-Ska-Punk!


Hosts: John
Description: A music show with strong themes every week. Gonna’ play new and classic music from artists worth listening to. Tune in to discover the music your kids will be listening to as the best of the … Catch  ya’ there!

No Soap Radio

Hosts: John
Description: No Soap Radio is series of color commentators on the world at large. So far we’re done some reviews of applebee’s food and commercials throughout the ages and have an upcoming RuneScape let’s play. Sprinkled in is going to be a pretty lit selection of music, such as Ska, Tay-Tay, and whatever sweet trap remixes we can dig up on YouTube. Come and take an aural gander every Wednesday night from 7-8

The CERiNG Show

Hosts: Spencer
Description:The CERiNG Show, hosted by Spencer Gunning, is the place to tune into when needing that fix for electronic music. Ranging from vaporwave to cinematic hybrids, the show will get a new rotation of selected genres every week. On top of that, they’ll also be occasional weekend weather updates, traffic for both road and rail, and the occasional interview. Tune in Fridays from2:00 PM to 3:00 PM and get a taste of EDM in it’s full glory!

Garbage Theatre: How to Properly Set Up Your GT-3 Digi Lynx VR Experience

Hosts: Connor and Chris
Description: Thank you for your purchase of the GT-3 Digi-Lynx™ VR Experience. Before starting, ensure there are no rogue elements around the play space. For example, spelling errors or author inserts. Type in the 4 to 60 digit long Fiction Code, and insert your Franchise Disc. The Sonic the Hedgehog disc comes free with your setup! Simply select your actors and let the experience begin! NOTE: In case of emergency, Garbage Theatre staff will be dispatched to ensure that your safety, and more importantly, the safety of the VR Experience, is secure. 

Blank Floor

Host: Matthew-Ian
Description: a show where I play music I like and maybe ramble about dumb things for an hour

Bollywood Hungama II

Host: Aneesh
Description: Tune in for a half hour of pure Bollywood Nautanki! All Bollywood Music, once a week! Bharat Mata ki Jai! 

James Murphy’s Pop Punk Power Hour:
Defending Pizza, Friends, and Our Hometowns Since 2016
Host: James Murphy
Description: JMPPPH is a show that reaches out to fans of many genres that are often ignored by mainstream radio stations. JMPPPH will feature a variety of different artists from differing genres including pop punk (The Wonder Years, The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck), easycore (A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong), emo revival (Balance and Composure, Title Fight, Tigers Jaw), post-hardcore (La Dispute, Touche Amore), midwest emo (American Football, Braid, Sunny Day Real Estate) and mallcore (My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco). JMPPPH will feature interviews with various local bands along with reviews of a new albums as they are released. Overall, JMPPPH is a radio station that is needed on campus and that will be well received.

Fridge Syrup
Host: Sean and Ty
Description: Just Tyler and Sean and maybe a guest talking, and playing some lit jams.