Show Catalog

Updated 03 October 2018


Raw and Uncut

   hosted by Rachel "Raw Kale" Alvarez

from 4:00PM to 4:55PM

Mondays really suck, so this show is dedicated to starting your week off right by listening to some cool jams! These jams are perfect for the despair that embodies Mondays.

Dan's Irish Kitchen

   hosted by Dan "The Grillmaster" Landers

from 8:00PM to 8:55PM

Listen in for some great tunes! Dan's Irish Kitchen is a fantastic mix of funk, rock, ska, soul, and jazz. This killer show features special guests, live performances, and different types of music every week!



   hosted by Tundah

from 2:00PM to 2:55PM

I'll be DJing live freeform sets. Everything on the fly. Be sure to tune in, especially if you love bass music.

Dinner with Friends

   hosted by Adel Soliman and Sophia Mufti

from 6:00PM to 6:25PM

Dinner with Friends follows the fun adventures and life stories of your hosts Adel and Sophia, featuring other guest stars as well! Along with the craziest stories, we'll give you the best playlist to steam when your out having Dinner with Friends. New music, new stories, one place to find it all!


Almost Noon News

   hosted by Hank Romers

from 11:30AM to 11:55AM

Fill up on news from another part of America that might exist.

Garbage Theatre 7

   hosted by Connor Norris and Spencer Gunning

from 12:00PM to 12:55PM

Is it time? It's almost time. Garbage Theatre is back, it's not reading Ready Player One, and it's self-destructing in upon itself. Come listen to us review some fanfictions, quick!

Words with Nerds

   hosted by Alex Rodriguez and Jake Piccolo

from 7:00PM to 7:55PM

Like a nasty cold or a student that just won't graduate, Words With Nerds is back yet again. Get ready for all new epic adventures featuring your favorite weirdos, Alex and Jake, and for the first time in forever, Connor himself may be popping up occasionally! (So might Patrick Stewart. We're working on it.) Get ready for more jokes, more hilarious commentary, more Tom Jones, and more of your time wasted. Hold on to your pants, because it's gonna be a wild ride. We think.


The Funk Block

   hosted by Rob Murphy

from 3:00PM to 3:55PM

Keeping the funk alive: One hour of classic funk music.

Mental Syrup

   hosted by March Roth and Hassan Elsaid

from 4:00PM to 4:25PM

A weekly talkshow examining modern developments and discoveries in science and technologies and how they will affect the future.

Gaming with Goons Radio

   hosted by Tristan Ponceca, Franklin Estrella and Sean Leishman

from 4:30PM to 5:25PM

The rise of eSports over the last decade has been a giant upward spiral that seemingly came out of nowhere. From people's basements for pennies to the Madison Square Garden for millions of dollars. Competitive gaming has had an enormous impact on how people approach games, and if you like games and have no idea where to start or if you're a seasoned basement dweller veteran we're live every week to deliver.


   hosted by DJ J-MAgiC

from 6:00PM to 6:55PM

This music show is a compilation of stunning navalgaze and awe inspiring cerebral mind melt. In MacAttack! we dive down to the challenger deep to dredg up some deep music ment to be listened to. Expect everything from experimental tribal viking metal to new school triphop on this show that is meant to showcase great music that you probably haven’t heard of.

Indie Extravaganza

   hosted by Teo Akil

from 7:00PM to 7:55PM

A showcase of Indie music and all of its styles from the 80's to the modern day. Featuring a different sub-genre each week!


The Surge

   hosted by Sergio Zurita

from 10:00AM to 10:55AM

Dive into the surge of heart pumping electronic music.

The CERiNG Show

   hosted by Spencer "CERiNG" Gunning

from 1:00PM to 1:55PM

The CERiNG Show is an hour-long program exploring the various sub-genres of electronic music, ranging from vaporwave and nu-disco to hardstyle and trip hop. Tune in for a taste of electronic music, and traffic and weather on the half-hour!

AirWrecka's Vitamin Bass Supplements

   hosted by Erica Concolino

from 5:00PM to 5:55PM

New and local electronic music for your aural well-being.

Drinkin' Josh

   hosted by Connor Fleming> amd Jake "TheMilkman961" Piccolo

from 7:00PM to 7:55PM

A show where people who may or may not be intoxicated fawn over their favorite show; Drake and Josh!