Rules and Regulations

Updated 19 January 2018

Broadcasting Privileges

In order to broadcast your program, you must attend one meeting per week, unless otherwise stated by the WJTB E-Board. A general meeting is held on Tuesdays at 9pm, while alternate commuter meetings are held Wednesday at 2:30pm. Additionally, it is required that a half-hour of office hours be completed per hour of time on-air.

Failure to comply to the above rules will ultimately result in revocation of broadcasting privileges.

On-air Language

While obscene, indecent and profane language during broadcasts is not strictly prohibited, we ask that you please attempt to limit your use of said language. NJIT staff and administration will occasionally tune in to WJTB, so it is imperative that the image is as clean as possible.

Hate speech, in any form, will not be tolerated on the air.

All guests on WJTB programs must abide by the above rules. Broadcasters are responsible for all actions during their time on-air.

Miscellaneous Protocols

If a piece of equipment breaks or is not working as intended, please contact our Station Manager, Kenny Eisenhardt, at

Any equipment or property belonging to WJTB should not leave the station without explicit permission from a executive board member.

If you are the last person leaving the office, check to see if the stream is broadcasting, turn all lights off, and close the main office door.