1. Limit the indecent/obscene language during broadcasts. This should be minimal during clean hours, once they are set, as we plan to broadcast through the campus center. As NJIT’s administration sometimes listens to WJTB, make sure to make a good image for us.
  2. It shouldn’t have to be said but hate speech in any form on the air will not be tolerated.
  3. Attend our meetings! We meet at the station office.
    1. General Meeting: Tuesday @ 9 pm
    2. Alternate Commuter Meeting: Wednesday @ 2:30 pm
  4. To have a show, you must attend 2/3rds of our meetings and our live events, assisting with setup and/or breakdown.
  5. If something breaks or isn’t working properly contact the Station Manager immediately.
  6. When you leave the office:
    1. Make sure the stream is broadcasting
    2. Make sure the lights are off and the main door is closed if you are the last one out.
  7. All guests, including callers, must abide by the rules of WJTB. Broadcasters are responsible for their actions.
  8. WJTB property should not leave the station without explicit permission.


Link to Constitution