The Constitution of the NJIT Broadcasting Association

Updated 06 September 2016

Article I: Name and Call Letters

The name of this organization shall be the New Jersey Institute of Technology Broadcasting Association (NJITBA).

The call letters assigned by the Federal Communications Commission shall be WJTB.

Article II: Purpose and Responsibilities

To benefit the University, this organization shall operate facilities upon campus of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and provide information and entertainment to the campus. Furthermore, we shall provide community service each semester in any way we believe we can perform adequately. The WJTB organization shall provide the opportunity to our members to learn the proper use of modern broadcasting and PA equipment; we shall also provide informational workshops on sound engineering equipment, which shall be held at least once every week. This organization shall above all be responsible to broadcast non offensive content to the student body and the public for entertainment purposes.

The Executive Board also claims responsibility of all member run shows, and therefore reserves the following responsibilities: the Executive Board may order any show to alter their behavior if deemed unsuitable by a majority executive vote, this includes behavior at events, presentations, messages, or any other relevant means that may portray the club in a negative image; the Executive Board reserves the right to suspend any show without warning, and if decided necessary by the executive board, may cancel any show at any given time; the executive board also reserves the right to refuse the use of club equipment on any club for non-approved live events. The borrowing of any equipment under short notice must be approved by the Station Manager.

Article III: Membership

Section 1

General membership shall be limited to the full-time undergraduate students and faculty of the New Jersey Institute of Technology who have met the following requirements:

  1. Completion a membership application
  2. Completion of necessary training on all equipment
  3. Understand and consent to the NJITBA-WJTB contract
  4. Attendance of all general meetings or an excused absence granted before the meeting by the General Manager

Section 2

If a member has a valid excuse and cannot make an event, he or she retains the right to be a member. Such excuses are to be given in advance to the General Manager, or event coordinator/liaison. Committee heads may assign assistants to aid in tasks and form committees to help the club, especially for specific events.

Valid excuses will be determined at the Executive Board’s discretion.

Section 3

Every member is required to complete one half-hour of office hours per hour of assigned show/air time. If a member has a valid excuse and cannot make their office hours, he or she retains the right to be a member and have a show. Such excuses are to be given in advance to the Radio Station Manager. An individual’s failure to complete office hours, will result in the inability to perform their show that week.

Valid excuses will be determined at the Executive Board’s discretion.

Section 4

Voting rights will be given to any member who is a full-time undergraduate student maintaining general good membership standing. Good standing shall herein refer to any member whom has not violated any aspects of the WJTB Constitution, and has attended 2/3 of meetings and 3 events events throughout the semester. Voting may only take place if a quorum is present. Quorum is defined as having at least two-thirds of general members and all members of the Executive Board present. Should a vote be conducted to remove an officer from his or her position, the officer up for review must be altered a week prior to the fact that they are up for review and may choose not to attend their own review.

Article IV: Officers and Corresponding Duties

Section 1

The Executive Board shall consist of a General Manager, Radio Station Manager, Live Events Manager, Business Manager, Program Manager, Content Manager, Webmaster, and Public Relations Manager.

Section 2

Any executive board member is subject to review if tasks are not completed by a given deadline. This review will be carried out by the rest of the executive board, who can decide on suspension, probation, or removal of the violating executive board member. All removals must be reviewed and approved by the club advisor, with due process for appeals.

Section 3

An executive board member may also be removed from their position on the grounds of attendance; executive board members are allowed to miss no more than four meetings throughout the course of the semester, unless extenuating circumstances crop up. Furthermore, any absence must be communicated to the Station Manager prior to the meeting missed. If a member is removed from a meeting for unruly conduct, their attendance for the meeting does not count.

Section 4

No single member may hold more than one position in any given term. Multiple positions may be maintained by one member, but only in the instance where a vacancy is to be filled through appointment/vote.

Section 5

The General Manager shall be the presiding officer at all general meetings as well as all Executive Board Meetings. He or she shall be responsible for dealing with University Administration, and assisting in the development of a budget at the end of the term in accompaniment of the Business Manager. The General Manager’s Vote is the tie-breaker in any Executive Voting decision which otherwise would be split evenly. The General Manager is in charge of assigning Executive Board members in their various independant duties. He or she has the power to invoke penalties on any other officer he or she believes is not doing their job sufficiently, after having given a prior warning. Penalties can be overturned or altered by a two-thirds majority executive vote.

Section 6

The Radio Station Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the radio station and acts as General Manger in his or her absence. He or she oversees daily maintenance of the facility, the replacement, requisition, and repair of all electronics or other radio owned devices, and documenting his or her work. He or she is also accountable for assigning duties during all office hours and oversees that all required tasks are performed properly. He or she has the power to invoke penalties on members who are caught damaging, abusing, or taking equipment without prior consent. He or she has the final vote deeming whether equipment is operational and safe for an event. He or she shall furthermore keep a log of which members have completed their hours each week and log their attendance weekly in a spreadsheet.

Section 7

The Live Events Manager is responsible for maintaining all special event equipment as well as overseeing live events WJTB participates in. Live Events Manager also maintains the responsibility to oversee the conduct of the other Executive Board members. He or she must be present at all WJTB events. He or she has the final vote in deeming equipment operational for an event.

Section 8

The Program Manager is responsible for all organizational materials including, but not limited to the following requirements. He or she shall take accurate meeting minutes on content discussed during all General Body and Executive Board Meetings, and provide a copy to the rest of the Executive Board for reference within 24 hours of the meeting. Additionally, he or she shall also make the schedule for all member run shows as well as all social events held by the club on or off campus. Lastly, the Program Manager is responsible for taking attendance at all events.

Section 9

The Content Manager is responsible for what is put in the rotational list to be played on-air, hosting the disc jockey training sessions, outside communication with record companies to obtain records or CD’s to be played in the radio station, and maintaining/updating the station library.

Section 10

The Webmaster is responsible for the electronic representation of WJTB, working with the Public Relations Manager to electronically advertise upcoming events, and posting undated club information on the website on a regular basis. He or she is responsible for the content, creation, and design of the webpage and maintaining all online media.

Section 11

The Business Manager shall handle all monetary transactions. He or she keeps correspondence with the Student Senate Finance Committee as well as attending Cabinet Meetings on the first Monday of every month and submitting all senate request forms. He or she is responsible for proposing an annual budget in the Spring Semester for the following school year. He or she is to work with the Public Relations Manager when dealing with any monetary advertisements and an overall promotions budget. He or she shall handle all professional communications.

Section 12

The Public Relations Manager is responsible for promoting the radio station in a positive and appealing manner. He or she is responsible for press releases to the local media, maintaining all social media related to the club, seeking out and contacting local businesses and clubs to sell on-air advertisement time, maintaining correspondence with other NJIT publications and organizations and advertising all WJTB events; including, but not limited to; meetings, community service, and interclub activities.

Article V: Responsibilities of the DJ and Other On-air Personalities

Section 1

The position of DJ and/or on-air personality, hereby referred to as “host”, will be determined each year from interested members of the general body. In order to be a host, a member must attend a majority of the general body meetings and uphold their contract, this constitution, and all WJTB and NJIT policies.

Section 2

The position of host may be revoked at any time for any violation of the WJTB Rules and Regulations by the General Manager or Station Manager, and must have a majority vote by the Executive Board the week following in order to determine the length of time of the suspension.

Section 3

The criteria for being a new host are to be outlined in the WJTB Training Policy and explained thoroughly to all potential Hosts prior to obtaining a time slot. A host may perform any routine, provided it is not deemed inappropriate, offensive, or dangerous in any way.

Section 4

Time slots shall be awarded according to the following priorities. Members who have attended 90% of all meetings and been actively involved in Radio Program Events shall have priority choice of show time. Secondary Choice shall be awarded to members involved in Radio Program Events or attended 90% of all meetings. Tertiary pick shall be awarded to New Members to the club. All remaining time slots shall be awarded by the discretion of the Executive Board to any members on General Bad Standing, whom they believe deserve a time slot. Within each category, time slots shall be awarded in a first come, first serve basis, which may only be submitted via appropriate means of communication set forth by the Program Manager.

Section 5

A show may consist of a total of four co-hosts unless specifically approved by the Executive Board. A guest speaker, entertainer, or musician may appear on a show, provided a request has been submitted to, and approved by any member of the Executive Board three days before the show. Any show requesting to bring in a band, must submit a detailed request for approval to the Executive Board at least one week before the intended show. In addition, the proper paperwork must be submitted through the NJIT Senate, as well as the band obtaining insurance in the event of any damaged equipment. All on-air guests shall be the responsibility of the show’s host. Any off-campus guests need proper approval from public safety prior to arrival on the show. Any violation of the WJTB Rules and Regulations by a guest may result in banning said guest from any future WJTB Radio Shows, and the cancellation of the show he or she violated the WJTB Rules and Regulations on, by the discretion of the Executive Board. Additionally, failing to announce a guest will result in a one time warning, followed by disciplinary action determined by the Executive Board.

Article VI: Election of Officers

Section 1

Nominations are to be held during the last General Member Meeting prior to Spring Break.

The General Manager shall read off an explanation of each position as per the Constitution, and members may nominate themselves or another member.

If a nominee is eligible for a position, the nominee may then choose to accept or decline nomination.

Elections shall begin the week following Spring Break.

Elections shall be held for the following Executive Office Positions:

Each Executive Term begins on the June 1st following their election, and ends May 31st of the following year.

General Manager may only be held by a member whom has already served as another Executive Officer, or successfully headed an event or committee. If it is impossible to have a General Manager whom has already served on the Executive Board, the current General Manager shall choose a successor.

Section 2

In the event that an Executive Position is vacant, due to lack of interest or resignation, the General Manager may appoint any General Member to the position. This appointment is then confirmed by majority vote of the remaining Executive Board. The General Manager may appoint an individual temporarily, baring it then go to an election.

Article VII: Officer Impeachment

An officer may be impeached by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board, excluding the vote of the officer in question. The duties of the officer impeached shall be taken up by the officer following them in Constitutional listing.

Article VIII: Live Event Contracts

All clubs and organizations must fill out a DJ/Event Request Form at least two Weeks prior to their event. An email request is also adequate provided it specifically details what is being requested. Any clubs not offering under the operation of student senate may be fined.

Any specific music must be specified on a request form or corresponded prior to the date of the event. Failure to provide a setlist is grounds for cancellation of WJTB participation in any event.

Article IX: Meetings

Meetings for General Members shall occur once every week throughout both Fall and Spring semesters. Executive Officers must attend all meetings, including Executive officer meetings which will also be held weekly.

Article X: Non-Discrimination Policy

The New Jersey Institute of Technology maintains a committed policy of non-discrimination on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, ethnic origin, handicap, or veterans’ status in its employment policies, educational programs, and activities under university control. This organization, being a part of NJIT, shall comply with this policy in all administration, content, airplay, and messages.

Article XI: Amendments to Constitution

This document may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the active voting membership as defined by quorum in this constitution. Amendments shall take effect upon the approval of the Student Senate unless a later date was specified at the time of its proposal. All constitution edits must then be approved by the Student Senate Constitution Committee.