Hey, what’s with the new look?!

Dear listeners,

To give you clear idea of what’s going on at the back end of the site, I’ve reproduced an informative list of animals by estimated number of  neurons:

Name Neurons in the nervous system
Tuffed Capuchin 3,691,000,000
Northern Greater Galago 936,000,000
Cat 760,000,000
Jellyfish 5,600
Caenorhabditis elegans 302
WJTB Webmaster 2


About a year ago, we launched the new site on wordpress with ability to make posts, leave comments, facebook integration, and a calendar system to keep all of you wonderful people in touch with what was going on. Unfortunately, to get the site up quickly I used my own NJIT SQL account to get the database running with the idea to eventually switch to a club account. Needless to say this never happened. Then on the fateful day of September 7th, 2016 I started my databasing class here and without thinking destroyed everything.

So here we are.

Welcome to the Fall Semester.

As you can see the site is now back up. But a bit bare. All previous posts and calendars and show pages have been wiped clean. It’s a fresh start for WJTB…again.

Forms for contacting us, requesting sound for your club events, along with polls for your favorite genre of music so we can tweak the stream to your tastes are coming soon. Be sure to check back throughout the coming weeks, especially once shows start.
With much apologies,
William Lincoln Ruys
WJTB Webmaster


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